Dobinsons 2.5" Lift with MRR Shocks and VT Coils. (1 Viewer)

Apr 2, 2003
The drop brackets get your arms closer to the correct specs. It should handle better.
Did your lift settle in or did you add any weight?
We measure from center of hub to bottom of flare. +-20" is generally were stock rigs sit.

I never have seen a rig go down 1.5" to 2" when just adding another adult & 2 kids in which is near the 400lb range.
So that 400lbs would be more like 800lbs to do that, even then I've put 5 heavy guys in my rig & it didnt go down more than 1.5".
Finally remembered to measure this as you requested. Looks like i'm at 23" on the front and 24" on the rear center of hub to bottom of the flare.

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