Do I have to remove the dash?

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Mar 2, 2009
Summit County Colorado
My fresh air/ recirc has something blocking it from being on either side. It likes to stay in the middle. I pulled the faceplates off and the cable is hooked up and working just fine. I am assuming it is on the actual door that makes it fresh air or recirc. I have looked where the wiper motor is and it is pretty clean. I am hoping there is a access panel that I do not know about. thanks in advance.
For cabling or a better look you can try removing the glovebox insert. If you need to remove the blower assembly then you will have to remove your AC unit to then remove the blower unit (futherest to the passenger side). I took my dash apart to get to all of it when I removed everything for my heat core swap.
Thanks I took out the glove box and and saw the ac stuff but did not have time to go any further.
I think the flapper door is jammed or the rod that the cable actuates to open and close it might be bent.
You should be able to look up in that area from underneath and see the door and the working components. Removing the dash might be necessary to fix it, but not to see it, if you are at all flexible or can get in a good position to peek up in there.
You shouldn't have to remove too much stuff to adjust the clamp/rod assembly. I just put mine all back together and had to adjust it after all was assembled. Might help to have nimble fingers though.
i have the same problem, just remove the glove box it will give you full access. i still dont know how to fix it if any one has any suggestions
I'm in the same boat. Except now that I've been playing with it the cable snapped on my because the flapper door was to tight. the cable bent then snapped. How hard do you think it is to replace the whole cable
Hook one end to a tough string and just pull the old one out and the new in. Mike
Here you are.

Hmm... I've only ever noticed the black one. What/where is the blue one?

I'll get some pics when the sun comes up. (I'm parting out an FJ62 and have the dash mostly apart)

Butt Ugly Chuck got the "U" shaped cable clips.
Yep. It's definitely the black one that I snapped. Is there a good way to get at the actaul open/close recirculate door to see why mine resists motion so much. I betcha a dollar you tell me I need to pull the glove box and dash.
thanks everyone, It turned out to be a bent rod right behind the actual lever. I did take out the glove box and that part was working fine. I tried to bend it back but it is pretty thin and keeps bending to the way it was. Luckily I sort of have a donor cruiser that I can steal the part off of!!

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