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Jan 3, 2003
What type of locker would be decent(not crazy expensive) for a weekend warrior. I will some time here have onboard air but just wondering as this is my main source of transportation daily is there wear or and other considerations?
I run a lock-right in the rear end of my daily driver. Sure it has some quirks that take a little getting used to, but for less than $250 its tough to beat. Sure there are better lockers out there, but bang for the buck a lock-right is tough to beat. The improvement off-road from just a rear locker is incredible.
For a daily driver, its tough to beat the ARB air locker. However, they are spendy. You're looking at close to $1000 by the time you buy it and get it installed.

Next best is the lunchbox locker (Aussie, Lockrite, etc.). They are always "on" but ratchet around corners. I have an Aussie in mine and its fine on the road. However, as someone mentioned above, they do have their quarks. It takes a little bit of driving to get used to them.

If you really want cheap, then go with the welded. But, you will most likely hate it for a daily driver. Both rear wheels will turn at the same speed making cornering on pavement a pain.

Good luck! :cheers:

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