Did I burn out my starter?

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Jan 12, 2007
I had my Cruiser sitting for a while and realized that I haven't started her for a while. Well apparently she didn't appreciate sitting for so long and I had a hell of a time starting her. Eventually she started but only after the battery just about went dead. I charged her up for around 20 mins and thought I'd turn her off and start it up again. Well to my disappointment, all I got was a click. I hooked up the cables in case I didn't get a charge but even after a jump, I only got a click. What gives? Starter go out? I can hear the solenoid engaging
Fully charge your battery and verify that all battery cable connections/ground connections are secure and see what you get.....
If you do what Poser tells you and nothing happens give the starter motor a little love tap with a rubber mallet. That may jiggle something to get it to start, but also means it's time to get the starter rebuilt.
No, you did not burn out your starter. It takes a lot to burn out a LC starter. I've climbed hills using just the starter. I've gotten out of the middle of intersections using just the starter.
Agree that a few love taps with something other than a BFH (I've used a shoe before) avoiding the solenoid, often restore a starters starting ability.
Sometimes jumping a starter with a big screwdriver blade or wrench between the two big post will turn the starter when the ignition switch won't.
Usually just a good, honest 13.5 DC volts will do it.
I tapped it and no response so I got a bigger hammer. I tapped it again and still nothing so I got a bigger hammer. I whacked it, it still doesn't work and I'm out of hammers! I removed it and took it to the neighborhood Kragen for a match replacement. To my amazement they had one! Brought it home, installed it and works like a charm. $57 bucks with a lifetime warranty including 2 years roadside assistance! Amazing!!!

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