Denver Area 2004 LX 470 - Any Mud member know anything about this one?

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Sep 15, 2017
Littleton, CO
I'm looking for a 100 for my wife and this one caught my eye:


According to this vehicle check, they originally listed it for $16,999 in 11/2018.

Does anyone know anything more about this one? Anything fishy or has it just not moved so they've had to lower the price.
looks like a mom and pop shop, maybe not selling at 17k because its way too high, so brought it closer to where it should be if its good shape.

You could do PPI if thinking its the one.

Mine was a one owner dealer trade in at a jeep dealer, they started at 13k and lowered it weekly for a month until they listed at 7k as a special price before its sent to auction so i pounced.

Lowering the price shouldn't be a red flag.
I recently bought in the Denver market, and am happy with my purchase even though my LX has 80k more miles. But I got excellent maintenance records and dutiful servicing from Kuni Lexus it’s whole life, and only paid in the 11k range (traded my pickup on the lx). So while that looks to be a good rig, it seems high. Maybe it’s the three screens out back, or the hood ornament?
Thanks for the feedback. The price is definitely higher than I would pay but for $1000 to $2000 less it could be a good rig.

And what is up with that horrible hood ornament? Did some dealers add hood ornaments onto LXs? Or some bozo owner?

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