Defrost Hose

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Apr 2, 2003
Its getting cold in WY. Now the missing defrost hose is an annoyance, where it previously wasn't.

Anyone know of a good replacement? I'm talking about the hose that comes off the lower side of the heater assembly and is routed up behind the dash. I'm missing the drivers side, which is inconvenient when you want to drive the 55 and its -12 outside. CruiserCorps is looking to track one down for me. I was curious if anyone has used anything aftermarket with success.
I'll be watching this thread as I could do with new ones as well.
Are the 40 and 55 hoses the same?
maybe the passenger side is the same as a 40 but with the 2 ducts on the driver side in a 55 versus 1 on a 40, I'm thinking they would be different.
there are 2 on the driver side, which 1 do you need? firewall side or front seat side?
Need the elbow and duct tube? I may have a good serviceable unit. otherwise try shopvac accessories.
Don't overthink this. Take an end from an old hose or measure the outside diameter of the outlet. Then go to your closest NAPA and buy a few feet of flexible accordion hose. Install.

Just did that and have the piece sitting on the passenger front seat to install tomorrow. It'll match the two similar replacements on the right side installed seven years ago when we put the Frankencruiser together.
Not brain surgery unless you're anal about OEM.
$OR has them..i order and put them in new toyota OEM? little odd going over my hand brake but its connected granted i did not get to test before i put away for the winter

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