Decoding my emission sticker

Sep 24, 2004
Williams Lake B.C.
I just imported a California 1985 FJ60 and I'm trying to figure out the emission codes on the VECI sticker on the inner fender.I don't have the emission FSM yet. Is there a list somewhere that I can decode this with? Being a diesel canuck this is all new to me. I've figured out
AI- air injection
EGR-exhaust gas recirc
OC-Oxidation catalyst? is that the catalytic converter?
what is evap family? mine says EV-F
what is engine family? mine is FTY 4.2T2AFF5 4.2 is litres displacement I guess but what is the rest.
After looking at the mess of spaghetti under the hood I'm thinking about pulling all the emission stuff , should I ?? pete


The Cruiser Whisperer
Sep 26, 2003
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
Evap family is an internal designator for what evap system is on the truck. Yours is equipped with evap type F.

Same w/ engine family. It can be decoded by somebody in Japan to tell which carb, distributor, T-stat, manifolds, etc. went into the engine to make it compliant w/ some market requirement somewhere in the world.

Don't go removing every vac hose on the engine, 'cause about half of them are beneficial or required for proper operation.
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