Dead LX450

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Aug 10, 2003
miami, fl
Hi everyone,
woke up this morning to a dead battery .08V. the car drove fine yesterday with no problems.
took battery off and measured about 5 V.
I checked continuity from the positive battery cable to ground and had 8 ohms. i thought it should be infinite or open.
looking at my electrical diagram i don't see that i should have any path to ground with the vehicle off.
any help would be appreciated
Start pulling fuses until it changes?
Your radio, door lock system and alarm have power when the vehicle is off.

If you didn't leave a light on, start pulling fuses and measure amp draw like @clx16 says to find what maybe draining your battery.

May also be a tired battery or alternater.
Jump start and check alt would be my first try. Hate to spend time chasing trails if you have not ruled out obvious options.
Before you start condemning anything, make sure you have a known good battery installed in the vehicle. I know you said it was fine yesterday, and it is possible you just left a light on, or something similarly simple. But you need to have a known good battery to know if/what to condemn as a failed part, circuit, etc.. Even if it is just charging the battery you have, or swapping with a known good battery for now, you can really go down rabbit trails if you don't know that you know your battery is good. Ask me how I know!

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