Dash Pad Removal?

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Mar 13, 2003
Raleign / Durham, NC
If you fold down the windshield, you will have access to the the reinforcement and could carefully nudge it out from the back side (actually, the front of the truck). The method they used to attach the pad is pretty simple.
I need to take my dash pad off so I can get to work on stripping the paint off the dash. I unscrewed the screws on the bottom, and I dont have any windshield knobs. After doing all of that it still wont budge. I dont want to force it since it is 24 years old and not a single crack in it.

Any ideas?

I searched, but didnt find anything.

Thanks, I will give that a shot. Just couldnt figure out why it wasnt coming out. I was guessing it would be something simple...
I just took mine off...I had to sort of pry open the flanges on the dash from the pad bracket and pulled it straight up. I pushed them back down when I slid it back into place.
Thanks Mark, it worked great. Folded the windshield down and it came right off.

Yeah, the little brackets were already pre-bent since the PO had painted it before I got it.

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