Cup solution. Anyone use these?

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My dad had something similar in his 72 fj40. They were great for cans, but that's all the could hold. This one says it can hold a 32oz cup, but I'm not sure were it could be mounted.
I had one of those in my wake boarding boat and it worked incredibly well, even when we would hit double ups. I never spilled a drop. Also had a buddy with one mounted in his 40 and did a low speed flop. Drink stayed in and never even spilled because it simply rotated in its mount as designed.
Only two drawbacks that I can think of is that is has its limitations with insulated beverage containers and as stated above I can't think of a good place to mount it. I really want to figure one out because I am still amazed at the engineering that went into creating this cup holder.
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8 001.jpg
A 32oz widemouth Nalgene fits nicely behind the e-brake lever. But then don't plan on pulling the e-brake for anything.

I did this alot as well, slid right between the seat and console and stayed put.

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