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Discussion in 'HardCore Corner' started by TCinVA, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. TCinVA


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    Jul 3, 2005
    I started a thread in the 40/55 forum but it seems to have petered out and now I have more info which equals more questions! I have a stock '75 FJ40. I also have a '91 Dodge 2500 with a Cummins engine, NP 205 or 241, Dana70 rear, Dana60 front
    and a getrag 5 speed. I want to transplant the Dodge stuff into the 40. I already know the engine will fit with a springover and small body lift. The Dodge drivetrain is 10 inches longer than the 'yota. Here are my questions that you all might be willing to answer for a newbie.

    1. I want to move the rear axle back while keeping a somewhat stock appearanc. It looks like I could cut the rear wheel well about 3-4" back and still retain the rear radius on the quarter panel. The rear tires are now closer to the front edge of the wheel well so I figure I could slide it back about 5" maybe. Is this reasonable for driveshaft length and angle?

    2. If #1 is doable, would I need different rear springs? I saw in another thread where somebody was going to use 55 springs. Is that neccesary or preferable?

    3. If I'm running35-38" swampers, would it look alright and function well with full width axles or should I have them narrowed? I plan on driving on the road as well as on the trails.

    4. If I narrow the axles, how much would it cost and who does this?

    Sorry for the longwinded post- I look forward to your replies. I think this would be a bdass rig if it comes together :)
  2. Radd Cruisers

    Radd Cruisers

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Vancouver Island BC Canada
    There is a cool build on Pirates of a FJ55 using a cummins, he also frequents this forum.

    The long and short, it fit in the FJ55 and I know he had someone post up a picture of thier FJ40 with the same engine.

    Pillard I think is his handle on here and pirates.

    I just plain dig them diesels......
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