For Sale Culpeper, VA: 1994 FZJ80 Chop / UTE / White Trash

Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
United States
Wasn’t expecting to do this and still not eager to, but have decided to thin the herd so I can focus on one truck. As a result, will likely offer up both my 80’s and see what sells first, if any! So, here it goes...

1994 FZJ80 that was rolled and then chopped (see prior “white trash” thread on MUD". I purchased the truck in the springtime and below is a list, including incurred costs of what I’ve done. Aside from the significant change to the body, the truck is unchanged and drives as you would expect an 80 series to. It has been reliable and I would expect no issues. If you ever wanted a chopped 80 or an awesome 80 for wheeling, this will likely be much cheaper to purchase, than building one, even if you do have the welding capability.

Mileage: 234k
Front and rear lockers – they work as expected
Stock springs (front has spacers) with OME front shocks and Bilstein rears.
Caster plates

Purchase price: $4500
Paint: $900
Front speakers/sound deadening: $250
Carpet: $200
Used 315’s on LX wheels: donors from another truck
Reman’d steering box installed by @OTRAMM ; $500
Corbeau seats: $500
Window tint: $150

Total Invested: $7000

Price: $6500.

Needs missing AC compressor and a few lines to have that running again, although airflow with rear sliding window significantly reduced my need for AC this summer.





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