cruiserdan, riddle me this?

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Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
why is a new fj40 tie rod(the rod not the end) $100, when you can buy one tie rod end for $50 and it comes with a free tie rod? I'm talking new OEM stuff. Nothing about the TRE nor the rod changed, so why the new rod??? Its a great deal if you need a new tie rod. ALso if you order the other TRE guess what you get another tie rod :D

John H
It's always been that way to my knowledge.
[quote author=cruiserman link=board=1;threadid=5676;start=msg44937#msg44937 date=1064531255]
It's always been that way to my knowledge.

but why?
Some bean counter decided it was more profitable to sell them that way ???.

That stems from a multiple subsitution. The old tie rod ends supercede to an end that uses a different rod. The "H" within the part number denotes the new part includes additional pieces required for installation. As far as why you can buy an end with rod for less than a rod, I can only guess. Most tie rod ends run x number of bucks so they get an arbitrary price stuck on them that does not reflect that they come taped to a rod.
Another one that doesn't make sense is the front axle knuckle kit for the 80 series. You can piece it and it's almost half the cost of the kit.
kinda like buying a new shovel handle costs more than buying a new shovel ???

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