Crankshaft position sensor intermittent check engine light

Mar 12, 2022
New York ,NY
Just did timing belt ,water pump,hoses ,fluids - was throwing a crankshaft position sensor code on the check engine light so replaced the sensor .The connector for it is cracked so put some silicone on it to hold it in place .When i first start her she's fine and once warmed up the check engine light comes on and goes off when going through the first 2 gears then light comes on no power to get up hills or even of flat roads have loss of power .I let her coast to 750 rpm and the check engine light goes off and i have power through first second and sometimes 3rd before the light comes on again and loss of power -
This prado was sitting for a long time before i got her - its the 1kzte 3.0 .I need the sensor connector which i have had no luck in finding a parts number and anyone know where i should be looking to trouble shoot this issue?
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