Could use some advice

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Dec 17, 2007
Seattle, WA
Hi all, I'm a newbie here and could use some more experienced eyes to help identify and advise on some possible issues. I appreciate any assistance :)

It's pretty much a game of what is this, and should it bother me?

I'm not sure how to get the correct comment next to each picture..

There is a white silicone type stuff in one pic, grease seems to be seeping in another... and the 3rd is of a soft rubbery substance on and around the sunroof. I assume it was put on due to a leak, but it was applied very unevenly and I can't find evidence of a leak soo.. just thought I'd ask!

Thanks! Hopefully I won't be a newb with stupid questions for too long ;)
pic 1. The half moons... Those are the places where (tmk) they drilled the cam journals... They need to be re sillyconed after a while...

pis 2. Looks like a "Indian Head Shellac" on waterpump...

pic 3. The rubber foam stuff is where a wind deflector was once there and has been subsequently pulled off
and uh, hey dude... You got a whistling or Turbo whir sound coming from under the hood?

It is HIGHLY advised that you ONLY use MATCHED Toyota belts for the 1Fz fan belts...
pic 3 does not look like wind deflector leftovers to me. from what I see there is "leftover" on the rubber as well, which would be unusual and i think the rear part of the sunroof is shown (where no wind deflector would make sense).
if it is the sticky foam stuff anyway - try this, works like a charm.
pic 1. Looks like Sensor Safe RTV on the half moons?

pis 2. Waterpump has been replaced and the grease is odd looking. Is it dry or wet? Looks wet... That can't be good.

pic 3. I agree about the old rubber foam stuff for the wind deflector...
and uh, hey dude... You got a whistling or Turbo whir sound coming from under the hood?

It is HIGHLY advised that you ONLY use MATCHED Toyota belts for the 1Fz fan belts...

Yes! Thank you for identifying that.. it was bothering me.

And thank all of you for helping :)


pic 1: Sounds like nothing to be concerned about?

pic 2: That is wet... so... how bad is that?

pic 3: Yeah, it's all the way around the sunroof and onto the rubber. Which makes me doubt it's from the deflectors that I've seen in pics. But you all would know better than I how those were attached.

Thanks again for the assistance all, I very much appreciate it.
Your 80 was owned by a glue happy hack.:hillbilly: It's a PITA but hopefully harmless. The stuff on the water pump looks like gasket sealer but if it's wet, it probably needs attention.:hmm:
I'm very opinionated and love giving advice even though I'm usually wrong.
1. No worry
2. Wouldn't worry about it unless it collects more excess. If they just used some crappy gasket sealer and it's the excess, no worries. If it's leaking, worry about it when it starts leaking more.
3. Unless your over 6'5", don't worry about that either.
I will chime in on pic #2. Define wet. Wet to where it leaves soup on your finger, or wet so it feels tacky? If it just feels tacky, then no worries. It looks exactly like Permatex. It is very common on airplane engines when the two halves go together.
More Tacky than soup for sure. I'll keep my eye on it, but it sounds like I don't have a whole lot to worry about.

Thanks everyone, this place is an amazing resource because of you guys.

This is my first 80 and am loving it so far :)

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