Cooloing System Layout By PO?

Jan 14, 2005
St. Louis, MO
Cooling System Layout By PO?

Looking over the cooling system layout I came across a hose going from the engine block coolant drain plug (back of the block at the bottom next to the oil pressure sending unit) to a "T" in the middle of the hose going from the bottom of the water pump to the heater. Could someone shed some light on why this was done? Is it more efficient or less efficient?
Also, when I replaced the valve cover gasket I noticed the PO had installed some sort of fabric that sat on top of the rocker arm. It was the strangest thing, as it seemed to be about 4-layers of ultra-thick fabric that were all painfully stitched together. It was not a rag leftover after some work as it was made to completely sit on top of the rocker assembly and cover all the springs and whatever else is there. Please explain what would cause someone to do this. After I took it out I have not noticed anything different and that that was about 1000 miles ago. Thanks for the input. Kris
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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
What year? Pics whould help.

Rag might be to hold oil close to rocker. as there may have been an oil feed problem?

Something tells me that the head might have issues . If they port out the block to run the heater why not out the head. Something is fisshy.

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