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Jul 3, 2004
Anchorage, AK
All this taulk about cooling and solid fan vs. other fan setup has got me thinking. Check the picture. I got my aux water temp tapped off of the little water line on the top side of the thermostat housing going to the turbo. See top arrow. I was wondering if I am correct in assuming that when I read water temp at the aux water temp indicator, that that means that the thermostat has opened? And the convers, it I don't get any temp off of this, that the thermostat has not opened? If this is correct, then that would mean that the thermostat basically has stayed shut most of the winter, except when the temps got around freezing. Is this a problem with keeping the turbo shaft cooled? Or cause any other problems? thanks.
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My second mechanical gage is fitted after the thermostat and I get a very low reading to virtually no reading until the thermostat starts to open yours would be similar as its fitted after the thermostat. However my water pick up for the turbo is fitted to the heater delivery hose that comes directly from the pump and has water pumping through all the time. It may pay to pull your hose off while the engine is running and see how much water is flowing through with the thermostat closed , probably nothing, but I am not familiar with your motor.Then there is the debate about diesel turbos not needing water cooling, you will need to make your own mind up here. Some of the pics in the turbo thread may help. cheers gazza
Cooling in turbo's is solely to make sure the oil doesn't boil and therefore the bearings run unlubricated. In near freezing conditions, it shouldn't affect your turbo too much if you have an oil cooler. Most turbocharged cars I know that run non-watercooled turbo's use oil coolers to keep oil temps down. You can basically choose between water cooling (commonly used in very hot areas) or oil cooling (moderate to low temp areas). Oil cooling is only effective where an oil cooler is fitted to the vehicle.
is posible ( make sence ) fit a oil cooler between the engine and turbo oil inlet pipe ..? to down the oil temp right before the turbo . ?
well yes, but it defeats the purpose in a way. It's not the turbo that really makes the oil super hot, it's the pistons.

Oil coolers should be mounted with a kit to where your filter bolts on. Maximum effect. I have see people run TWO oil coolers, one from the filter and one how you say on the oil feed line.

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