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Aug 6, 2007
So guys here we are just posting this thread so that I can get some opinions.:D

This is the scenario:
out wheeling, aired down (took the valve stems out until no air left) and now driving around on my staun beadlocks.:flipoff2:
Now I am going home (broke the car:whoops:), and I need to put air in the tyres.:bang::bang:

There are a few options out and these are the ones I am considering.

2X ARB/ TJM compressors and an air tank.
-by running 2 cheaper air compressors if 1 does fail I will be able to set up the system so that if 1 compressor fails then I will have a bcak-up, Both compressors are fully rebuildable, and both of the compressors will not void an air locker's warranty.
However 2 compressors mean 2 lots of wire, 2 lots of air-line, and 2 lots of servicing.
I do plan on using an hour-meter with the air-compressors to ensure that I do a good job of keeping on top of the planned maintenance of the compressors.

1x Twin Tongue compressor and an air tank.
-greater out-put than one of the ARB/TJM compressors, lesswiing, less air-line,
However no back-up..... and I believe using this compressor will void my warranty with ARB/TJM lockers.

A penny for your thoughts?:popcorn:
Electric compressors suck...

only for when you can't use a York... or maybe if you hate money and performance...
Electric compressors suck...

only for when you can't use a York... or maybe if you hate money and performance...

electric compressors do not suck. they are just more expensive and can kill the battery, but thier are many automotive electric compressors that far out perform a york. i had one for an air ride system that made 12 gallons of air at 150psi in under three minutes on one optima batt and stock 90amp alt never had a problem. so to each his own if you got the doe electric is the way to go. but for price a york is good if you have a place to put it under the hood. try some of the fast air ride companies they have super fast compressors with low draw. just do not run it if car off, last time i checked a york makes no air with the motor off either just what is in the tank. so i think both good options i guess depends on what you want to spend but i have never seen a fast air ride system ran off a york and those sytems use buckets of air.
To keep moisture to a minimum you either have to design the system so it doesn't heat the air up to the point it can't hold the moisture anymore (unlikely)
Or you can design so the system condenses the water after the compressor and separates the air and water before it gets to the storage tank.

Ultimately you have to look at the actual operating conditions the system works in along with the out put of the compressor and tank size. typically OBA compressors are put through stupid duty cycles either running air tools or posing as a free air station at the end of a trail. = a large amount of moisture in the system.

Bottom line with what ever you choose, if you keep it cool during operation you will minimize the amount of moisture it puts out.


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