Charlotte area get together Sunday the 22nd

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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
Planning the next charlotte area get together.
Sunday the 22nd

John and I were talking last weekend about how we like to switch it up every 6 months or so but keeping it central with good parking is a must.

We've been going to the burger company for 9 months or so now so this time we are going to give the olde meck brewery a try.

Their new facility is massive and very nice with great inside and outside seating for everyone. Their parking lot is huge. Their beer is great and their menu is fantastic.

4150 yancy rd

start time 2PM (I know there was a few requests to start earlier than 3)

I'll be there with Andrea and my Father in Law..... and hopefully my cruiser if my part finally arrives.
Thanks for changing the location. Last time something that Jennifer and I ate did not sit too well.

Will try to make it to this.
Wife and I are overdue for an IKEA visit, we're a "Most Likely" at this point. Looking forward to seeing how y'all roll up in Charlotte!
Too bad its on a Sunday, 4 Wheel Parts Performance Center is around the corner from there, I have been meaning to go in there a buy crap I will never use but looks cool. But they close on Sunday like everything around here.

I may make it, plans are fluid depending on travel for work that day.
Depending on the weather, we may end up skipping the Charlotte trip and save it for another weekend... As of right now we are still in. Will let yall know as soon as we know for sure. Kitchen remodel is imminent so the wife wants to see IKEA's cabinets.
I'll be coming back from skiing at winter place sun, but timing may not work...may not be the best venue for a bunch on Boy Scouts anyway.
Should be there! I was hoping some of you guys would show up to C&C.
No, I'm Scoutmaster of troop 40 here in Mount Pleasant.
I am trying to make it (in town for something else) Will the 500 be on any of the TVs?
If enough of us request / demand it, I am sure we can get it on one of them ...
I am going skip this one. I will be starting the tear down of my transmission on Sunday.

Sunday is the best day of the week for me to string together more than a few minutes at a time in the garage.
Just finished up some work, if I can knock off a couple honey-do items then I should be there. Looking good as of now.
looks like I have a green light to go.....
I'm out. I hate to miss it but I've got to seize the opportunity to paint my wheels while temps allow. Have fun!

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