Card key and folding mirror question

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Feb 12, 2017
West Pacific
So, as other MUD members may recall, I've had card key programming issues with a refurbished OEM card key for my '08 LX570.

Just wanted to double check before I buy a new one....Looking at lexus parts now, it has 2 options:

89904-50641 which is then replaced by 89904-50642

Both are available for my 1/2008 production LX. Is it better to just get the updated version?

Second, I have an intermittent issue with my right folding mirror for both closed and open condition. It can open sometimes, it can close sometime.

How can you tell if it is an actuator problem or gear issue or motor?

Appreciate all the assist everyone
Don't have an answer to the key card question.

As for the folding mirror, this should help

For the mirror, here is a detailed step by step on the fix, along with the repair kit you need in the video description:


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