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Oct 18, 2002
Hi all

I am getting ready to rebuild my carb..I bought a Yota OEM factory rebuild kit. Are there any tips/tricks/writeups out there about rebuilding the carbs? I was going to get a base gasket but was told it was ~100.00 because it was part of the insulator so I am going to make my own. Just looking for info..i do have the FSM and will be reviewing that also.

Best tip I can give you is send everybody away, turn off the phone and secret yourself away for a good 3-4 hours. You don't want to be interupted. If you're going to soak it in carb cleaner then add that to the time. I would, it makes it amazingly clean.
Take it apart with a method. Lay stuff out as it comes off. Don't let your crumbmunchers/cat/ curious friends any where near your parts.
Soak the parts or thoughly clean them with carb cleaner. Wear safety glasses. Carb cleaner makes contacts turn pink and melt. Ask me how I know. :D
Blow out all the passeges with compressed air. Blow carb clean through them to make sure they are passing fluid. Double check the small jets if they don't come with new. I run a strand of copper wire through if there is any doubt.
Assemble using the exploded drawings. Remember that the company usually packs more than one carb type in a box, so the drawing isn't always perfect. Float level is key. So are the rest of the adjustments, but you have to take the top back off to reset the float.
Choke pull off is one of those things that we all take for granted except those of us that have the secret starting method so nobody can steal our truck. It pulls off the choke when the engine starts so that it will stay running.
Idle screws at 2 to 2 1/2 turns to start.
I havn't rebuilt a Cruiser carb in some time. All this advice is based on a few zillion Quadrajets, Carters, Mikunis, and fuel drippin' Holleys.

Hope it helps. Good Luck and don't be afraid to admit defeat and send it to Jim C. :D
Just reuse the gasket bonded to the insulator. If it is goofed up, sand it with silicon carbide paper on a flat piece of glass as a base.

Rebuilding a carb isn't too difficult, especially with the FSM but you have to PAY ATTENTION!
Take lots of pictures or videotape the disassembly. Take lots of notes of the numbers on the jets and where they go. Put the tiny balls and springs into a sealed bottle or zip lock bag.
Only break the carb down into 3 major pieces + the hardware. Try to leave all linkage attached to one piece. Remove all rubber or electrical parts, like the vacuum actoators and gas solenoid. &nbsp:Do not attempt to remove the butterflies from their shafts.
Dip all the parts that are not rubber in carb dip over night.
Rinse twice in paint thinner or acetone. Blow out all the tiny vents and holes with comrpessed air or spray type carb cleaner. Put everything back together and adjust as in the FMS.
thanks for the Info guys...I learned today that the OEM carbe rebuild kit is no longer availble for my carb (feb 75) so i had to go Aftermarket. Also it was suggested that i get a secondary diaphram for the carb which i did. Well hopefully i will have and uneventful weekend rebuilding duh carb on me truck!! Thanks again


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