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Jul 12, 2005
Calling all Carb Experts --- time to show off your knowledge -- :idea:

Anybody got the 2F Carb Jet Diameters? I'm having a heck-of-a-time trying to get this "PIG" running. :mad:

I have got a 75 FJ55 with 2F engine using a 74 FJ40 F Carb (60205). I have got the F Engine Repair Manual (for my 72 FJ40) but don't think I can use the same specifications for a 2F engine. Here are the F Carb specifications (early 70s) from page 5.40:

Primary Jet 1.12 mm
Primary Jet Spare 1.08 mm (above 6000 ft)

Secondary Jet 2.0 mm

Power Pump Jet 0.9 mm
Power Pump Jet Spare 0.8 mm (above 6000 ft)

Use the Spares for elevations above 2000 meters (6000 ft).

The 74 Carb I am using has the following jets installed:

Primary Jet 1 separated with 08 or 80 (1.08??)
Primary Jet Spare 114 (1.14??)

Secondary Jet 80 or 08 (0.8????)

Power Pump Jet 08 or 80 (0.8???)
Power Pump Spare 55 or ???

My slow jets are stamped:

Primary 55
Secondary 08 or 80

As you can see, they don't line up with the "F" engine specifications. :confused:

My range of elevation is 0-3000 feet (Washington State). Also, I don't understand the "stamping" order on the jets. Can anybody explain. Can you "swap out" the Primary Jet and Power Pump Jet (interchangable)?



75 FJ55
72 FJ40
Jul 12, 2005

Thanks -- I'll see if I can get in touch with him


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