Can't back up?

Jun 14, 2005
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
In the 84' BJ60, after the truck has been parked for awhile, I release the park brake but can't back up. It feels as if it's binding. The front hubs are locked, but the truck is not in 4wd. If I move forward slightly, I can reverse without a problem. Just started the last few weeks. The rear diff. was a donor front from an 82' with next to no use. (checked to make sure that it was also 3.7) The front is also practically new in terms of use. Neither make any noise on the highway. U-joints on the rear are good. The slip-joint on the front is shot (can move it up and down) Would this be enough to cause the binding if not in 4wd? Thanks for any suggestions.

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