California Smog tests w/ out of state Cruisers

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Aug 3, 2013
Western USA
So I am looking for a FJ55 and finding a few that might fit the bill. Many are out of the state, (CA) and have various motor conversions... i.e. Chev 302-350 ect...

Anybody have any real world experience getting a 76 or newer 55 to pass Cali smog with all the various pigs out there??

Did find the "lean drop posts" (thanks PabloCruise) so good on that.

Thanks for any help!!
Get a doner vin of a 75 or earlier and be dun with it. I purposely got a pre 75 for that exact reason.
Txs Megadoomer... My wife and were going over your idea and seems to make the most sense. It only leaves 4 model years off the table so no big deal.
I was just talking with a Ford buddy and even suggested calling the Cali Dept. of Auto repair and making sure some sort of pre-test is going to block title transfer.

(If any locals are interested, I'll report my call finds tomorrow)

Txs again all for the replies.

my 77 is a Cali truck, but was sans any and all smog gear when I aquired it. the first couple years weren't an issue, but it found itself parked for a couple more trying to get it all figured out. needless to say, IH8Mud is an invaluable resource, and with alot of help, I was able to get my truck to pass smog. In the end, it meant an fj60 intake/exhaust, carb, CAT and every other bit of smog gear found on a 1980-1986 landcruiser-they all had the same gear for the same period of years, they are the newest generation and by definition the youngest of any and all used smog gear, they are in abundance and in some cases still new old stock on shelves of dealers across the globe. when used with the fj 60 emissions computer, they are a complete system with all components needed to pass visual for both federal or california and are if in good condition, going to get you passed providing the engine is in good health. unless you are going to do a restoration, this is the best way for a californian to go if they want to keep the big 6, IMO. most smog guys aren't going to be able to differentiate between vintages the differnt looking gear, as long as it's a complete and factory looking system, it'll fly. I understand that a late model engine swap USED to be doable w/o sticker needed as long as all of the gear for the new motor was in place and functional, and something about engine size classes- so a 2F with any complete system from 1975-1987 should be acceptable. You're going to have to have smog done regardless of vintage FWIU when bringing in an out of state or even out of date vehicle. on a 73, it is easier to put pieces together to make everything jive as that system was not complicated to begin with, but the 77 is a terrible beast to bring all the players together to make a working system. the parts are much harder to find, and very old when you can find em. I would totally resmog a vehicle if I had to again, and I would just go right to an FJ60 without messing about. I wasted alot of time and money and gaskets trying all the "right" things to do, but your luck may vary. HTH

forgot to add distributor to the list, you'll also need the dizzy...
You don't have to smog if you're pre 75 bringing it in from another state. I just did that with both of my Pigs last year and you have to have a DMV inspection, but no smog.
You don't have to smog if you're pre 75 bringing it in from another state. I just did that with both of my Pigs last year and you have to have a DMV inspection, but no smog.

most excellent...
Howdy Lamb and BIG thanks for the detail reply. Man you really did some work to get your rig to pass. But nice that the FJ60 gear can sub for passing smog. One really cool thing about these Land Cruisers is that so many parts can be subbed and there's lots of help out there... Again thanks for the detail.

Thanks hairy_apple - Were both your FJ's running when you went for the inspection?? Or is it just a walk around. I brought a car into this state about 10 years ago but flat out forgot that day at the DMV.... Hmmm.... Maybe for good reason. :D
Pighead has been through it with his Pig, so I'm sure he'll have useless info...

True. Though I've never tried to import in to Ca...
I've heard (and seen) there is a difference between Federal smog and Ca smog, and sometimes you can be smogged to the Federal guidelines instead of the Ca. if you can show that it was a Federally smogged rig...Clear? Yeah, right. At least I've heard of this happening...
The one that got registered was running, yeah. The other has not yet had it's inspection yet because it's not running... and I figured it was easier to get it running and then drive it down there then put it on a trailer to get it there.

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