Cabin filter(s)?

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Dec 2, 2006
North Mississippi
100 LC ...'98 ... I have a question... I had pulled the cabin filter out from under the passenger dash...needed some cleaning, etc...had a leak, blah, blah, blah....

Question: I noticed it looked like there should be an interlocking filter sitting on top of the one that was in there. The filter size didn't seem to cover the cabin air entry port.....Is there suppose to be two filters in there?

I ordered the cabin AF for my 2000 LC. It arrived, and it is SO not the right filter.

I called the parts place (I got the link here - some place in San Diego) and they showed two, and the other one is SMALLER than the one that was sent to me.

I'm telling you - its the wrong one, or else there is a clip that is missing from the filter box. The thing slides in, but flops around and soon falls out of place.

If anyone has a source for a proper Cabin AF for a 2000, I'd sure appreciate it. Mine came without one when I got it, and I still can't find one.


They're both the same size, maybe 8" long and 4" high. The one on the bottom drops down into place, you can only see about the top 1/2" maybe when it's in place. If your dealership can't source it from part numbers posted here then call CDan at American Toyota, he's a Mud member and parts guru.
I ordered two from and it was disastrous. Got one correct one, and hte other for an audi. Must have been 4 phone calls before I ever got it resolved, and then not really. They didn't send me another, so I had to go to Great transaction, quick ship. Free ship after I added a K&N air filter... (free ship if > $50)

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