cabin air setting keeps switching to outside air

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Dec 4, 2018
Does anyone know why my recirculate air setting keeps defaulting to outside air? It will do it automatically, even when I'm not changing settings. I know it will do it when I turn the setting to defroster or even turn on the A/C, but it sometimes does it even when no settings have been changed. It's annoying because it sucks in fumes, especially when I'm at or near a gas pump or in traffic. I often have my kid in the back seat, and I don't like him breathing the fumes. It drives me NUTS!
Anyone know how to prevent this? Does it have to do with the temperature setting?
Mine has done this for years. However, I try to keep mine on fresh air unless I need to recirculate with a/c cranked up. I can’t prove it, but I think it switches more often when the temp is on the cooler side.

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