C-Dan Air conditioning question?

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Mar 27, 2003
We are hitting the 80's around here now and since I have my A/C back together it is time to filler up.
C-Dan, I called local Pepboys and was quoted $150. I am pretty sure I have seen the "Do It Yourself" cans with a connector. It used to be pretty easy. Can you offer any instructions and also how many cans it will take to fill being it is empty?


I'm not an expert but I don't think it's that simple. I think the system needs to be pumped down first (vacuum) :tear:,
then it can be charged (and so will you).

Since Dan hasn't replied yet, I'll chime in here...

I don't know the exact capacity of the system (doesn't it say some where under the hood or in the manual ?), but I'd guess it's about 3-4 cans(lbs) of R134A (Maxicool at Walmart - about $5/can) - I used the old method that fill the system until it stops bubbling in the sight glass.

Note: Wear gloves to prevent frost bites - gas charging only (holding can upright) as liquid charging would blow up the compressor - BE SURE to purge out all air in the connecting hose (backing out the tapping needle a bit) for a few seconds before connect it to the L (suction) valve.

Hope this helps,
FWIW 1.98 lbs. for a 97.
Not an expert here by far, but I have always been told that if an AC system is opened to the atmosphere. It will require a new dryer,and a vacuum before new freon can be added?
Eduardo :(
Interesting responses. I am almost more scared now!
I thought you HAD to add liquid, not just gas. Also the post regarding replacing the dryer? Not even sure what that is, but it is not cheap I am sure.
Where ARE the experts???

Sorry, been hammered today at the shop. The system should be evacuated and then charged. Photo has provided the correct ammount of juice(r134). Has the system been "open" or just not full? If it has been open you should at least replace the dryer (88471-50020 list is $70.11)

While we are on the subject. Does the compressor require perodic lubrication? I noticed a difference in the amount of noise the compressor makes when operating. I have been considering a A/C service @ the local stealer, sorry meant dealer. quoted @ about $ 150.00. :G
Dang Dan, looks like the "dealers" get more flak then anyone in my profession on this board! Perhaps we can change the Shakespeare King Lear quote to read:

"First thing we do is kill all the DEALERS."

-H- :tomatoe:

After 24+ years my hide is pretty thick. I make mistakes myself. By far the biggest was getting onto the car business :ugh: It's too late now to change :dunno: .

Eduardo, the compressor is lubricated by oil circulating in the refrigerant. It should not need any supplemental oil unless components have been replaced or if the system suffers a violent de-compression (collision that pops something, or the like)
The stealer comment must of been a Feroudian (sp) slip.
The prices I can deal (no pun intended) with. It's the lack of LC experiance @ the local dealer that kinda bugs a little.

On that note, and not knowing of both a reputable and experienced AC man, I will probably have the local dealer service the AC.
Thanks again
Eduardo :beer:

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