Bushwacker cutouts? what would work

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Nov 29, 2005
Pocatello, ID
I have an 84 fj60. I LOVE the bushwacker cutouts. Well, they dont make them for the 60/62's. I was wondering what I could do to get some in or if there was some I could buy and make fit, like a jeep cherokee. Or, does anybody know of a place that I can get some that are not the bushwacker?
MAF....not quite like the Bushwacker's but very much like those on the JDM Cruisers...

if you like them that much, make a template of the 60 wheel wells or trace on some paper and mail it to bushwacker, ask them to match it to something else. you might mave a problem with the rear doors.
Bushwacker doesn't have anything to fit - been there, done that - and they don't plan on having one to fit the '60 series anytime soon due to lack of demand and the high cost of creating a new mold.

Closest next best thing is the OEM spec flares found on JDM and some Canadian rigs. Both SOR and MAF sell a knockoff version of these but not for cheap.

I believe Gossard sells them. I hope I stated the name correctly.

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