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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
ok ya know when your going at those little flipin bubbles in your paint with the grinder (flapper wheel) finding old bondo and lots of rust to get rid of...anyway im sure im not the olny one that burnt the metal lil bit and it go that funny rainbow discoloration to the metal..is that bad for it im sure its not good but will it make it weaker or more likly to rust?...thanks al

flipin rust
not to worry, that rainbow typically always shows up just after/past the rust hole and is just thin ass/partially rusted/depleted metal. You'll want to weld your patches pieces/panels further upstream where she is good and thick.
damn that was speedy thanks a lot man...
can you use a grinder with a metal cutting disc on or do use a sawza (dont know how to spell it) for cutting out the rust of your bed and then patching it back ,because i have a grinder i dont feel like buying a sawza if i dont have too?
I use a dedicated cut off wheel/disc...not sure what type of grinder you have but I am pretty sure that if it is your typical 4.5" electric grinder that they sell cutting wheels for them as well.
yeah thats wht i used to trim the fenders its a pain somtimes the on button doesnt stay on so ya got to hold it by the button
My grinder stays on all the time(Makita) and it tore the h@ll out of my arm when it flew out of my hand and drove itself up my arm and stayed there until i could get it off(i was laying on my back under a car using it). One year later and i still have a huge scare that is about 4 inchs long and 2 inches wide.
holy crap man i wear these tuff mongo gloves that i usally stop the disc with.....get a pair
while talkin grinder stories,

Using a twisted wire cup on a 4 1/2 grinder, on my frame, it got hold of lip and shot up on my arm, shot off my arm and went about 4 ft.

I have about 2 in by 3/4 in scar, about 4 inches from my wrist.
My grinder story is unbeatable....Friday after work, cutting off a u-bolt, blade shatters, enters my right nostril, butterflies my nose, hits my safety glasses and leaves a nice groove in them. Over 60 stitches in my nose. Had to sew the cartiledge up, then the lining, then nice big black railroad tracks across the "bulb" and back over the "bridge".

Happened at 5:15pm, I was home by 9pm, had a frozen pizza downed by 9:45. :D
Plastic surgeon they called in did a rockin job tho, if I don't point out the scar, most people never see it.
If you have compressed air, you can use a straight die grinder with a 1/4" mandrel and a cutoff wheel. I find it easier to control than the angle grinder, and it makes fairly precision cuts. I actually make my patch FIRST, then trace around the patch with a sharp awl then make my cuts. It works out better for me than trying to make a template. I make the patch generoulsy larger than the part to be cut out, so I'm back on good solid metal. Stitch weld the patch, holding it in place with magnets or a gloved hand, then seal the backside with seam sealer. Very little BONDAGE needed.
Ed :)
Ed, what's a stitch weld?
Stitch welding body panels basically helps prevent distortion and/warpage. Weld 1 to 1.5" segments of the panel....one end rotate to opposite end and repeat. Thats how I do it anywho :beer: And as far as grinder stories...I consider myself luck up to this point only minor wounds...although it is a bitch when you catch an edge and it splodes on ya.
O.K. Woody, that story freaked me out!!! :eek: What brand blade? Why'd it shatter? Did it just get too hot?
That does it...I'm getting a full face grinder shield. My nose is ugly enough. Always thought the safety glasses were enough. I've had wheels come apart on me before and I've had the 4 1/2 grinder with the wire wheel crawl up my arm. Scares the P'Jesus out of me.
You stitch weld to keep the heat from warping the sheetmetal.
I go tack, skip , tack, skip etc.
Great stories.
Ed Long :)
hot damn im going to go get a face shield...
Damn, Woody, that's nasty! Sounds like the final scenes of Terminator 2 y'know, when the governor-elect of California hits the molten metal guy with that exploding shell, and his heads gets all twisted around and stuff. Yuck! God bless plastic surgeons.

I've had Dremel stuff explode on me, but that's nothing if you've got glasses on.
Wow! That's crazy s**t! I 'm also getting a face shield. I've never had one break but after reading these stories. Better safe then sorry!

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