Bulldog keyless entry intall (Long)

Dec 22, 2003
I installed a Bulldog 1702 keyless entry in my 94 Fzj80 this past weekend and decided to write up my install since I have seen questions in the past, sorry no picks. First I picked up this unit at my local Pepboys for $39.99 :grinpimp: but I think the regular price was $43.99. I have to state that my cruiser had previously had an alarm system and subsequently removed before I purchased it. The installer had used 3M T-taps :eek: that were still in place so I used them even though I would normally sodder and shrink wrap all my connections. Hey, they were there so I used them.

I’m a :banana: maybe :banana: :banana: mechanic at best and even less when it comes to electrical stuff. I think the installation guide is pretty straight forward (can be seen @ http://www.bulldogsecurity.com) . Note that the Land Cruiser is a “type B” door lock type for their instructions and the parking light output is positive. I also went to their web site and printed off their vehicle wiring diagram and a supplement that shows Toyotas having two power unlock wires. This shows that you need to add 2 1 amp general purpose diodes that you can pick up at Radio Shack, part # 1N4001 or #1N4004.

If all you want is keyless entry you only need to tap into four wires and a ground. If you want your parking lights to flash you’ll need to make an additional tap and add a relay (A relay is included in this kit for starter immobilize but the included plug cannot be used for the parking light flash).

Install: Remove the “dead peddle” and drives kick panel. You will see two large wire harnesses stuffed in the cavity closest to the door. The wires needed are in the smaller of the two. Carefully cut open the harness covering and locate the two power unlock wires (Blue & yellow wire and the Blue and orange wire), each of these wires need to be connected to a diode and then connected to the unlock wire on the keyless module (blue & black wire). The silver line on the diodes should be placed towards the blue & black module wire)

Next locate the power lock wire from the same harness above (green & red wire, not blue & black as the vehicle wiring diagram from Bulldogs web site states). I found it because the prior alarm install had already tapped this wire. I later found a confirmation from “ogsuv” in this tread https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=37659&highlight=keyless+entry
Connect the power lock wire from the module (green & black) to this green & red wire in the wiring harness.

Now you need to find a constant 12v power source. I pulled the lower dash off (four bolts) to access the fuse panel and found a constant 12v with a 20 amp fuse for the defrost. This wire is blue & orange and tapped in the red wire from the module to it. This may not be the best place. I don’t know but it is what I used.

This leaves grounding the fused purple wire from the keyless module; I just chose one of the bolts holding one of the misc. brackets to the sheet medal behind the DS kick panel. This is all that is needed for keyless operations. Test with the remote.

If you want to add the parking light confirmation you will need to find the positive parking light wire. This is a green wire located in a wire harness near the firewall behind the DS kick panel. There are two there, since mine was already tapped I can’t tell you which of the two harnesses it is in, you you’ll just have to remove the coverings and look. Once the green wire is found tap into it and connect to the #87 spade on the automotive relay included. Connect the brown wire from the module to the # 86 spade and then connect the #30 and #85 spade to your constant 12v from above.

Now when you use the remote the signal lights will flash when you lock the doors and will flash and remain on for about 10 seconds when unlocking the doors.

I plan on hooking my dome lights in so that they will come on when you unlock the doors. I think this could be done utilizing a relay and wiring it using the negative wiring diagram for the parking light output (from the instructions included with the kit, this is not in the website version of the manual) to ground the dome light door switch. Now I just need to find that wire, hopefully pretty easy to find in the b-pillar.

Now I just need to find a good use for the trunk release function.

One last note, this kit came with two remotes the second remote must be programmed before it can be used.

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