Brake controller in a 40 ?

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Jan 26, 2012
Ohio, Illinois
I'm setting up my trailer hitch , wiring and 7/5/4 combo plug on the old '77 . Considering using a brake controller since my 3500lb utility trailer is getting 10" brakes added soon . I also have a welding trailer that has onboard air system in the works and will also have electric brakes . Most times I would use the '08 Taco to pull them but want the option to use the 40 if necessary .

Curious if anyone has ever added a brake controller to a 40 , and if so what type ?
I've not put one in a 40 but I did have one in an 83 CJ7. My personal favorite is the old school draw-tite ones rated for 12k. I've had them in 3 trucks over the years and really like them. My current truck came with a prodigy and I hate it.
Just be aware that Toyota's specs on the 40 specify maximum 2000lb trailer weight with a maximum 200lbs on the hitch.

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