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Mar 27, 2003
Here's a new one.. I was driving down the motorway when the engine warning light came on. This happens from time to time and it has been shown to be a false error. The way I get rid of it is to rev the engine up to the red line and hold it there for a while and the engine light goes back off.

So, I select neutral and rev the engine. Like an idiot I rev too hard - right down to the bottom of the guage. Just as I'm looking at the rev counter in horror - I hear a bang and then the clatter of bits of metal bouncing under the car. Next thing - a comlete loss of power and a blowing noise from the cat. I pull over expecting the worst. A quick look and I spot that the oxygen sensor has blown out. The nuts have somehow shot off leaving the bolts in place and the o2 sensor hanging on its wire.

Some relief at this point but how to make a repair? I have no tools or spares with me. First I took my leather boot lace out and used it to hold the sensor in place - but predictably it burnt through after a few miles. By now I was getting annoyed with myself for not having anything to work with. Eventually I spotted the spring on the bonnet release catch. I took it off and straightened it out and it was just long enough. So, I made it home with a roadsde repair.

I don't suppose anyone else will be making the same mistake but thought I would share my new found knowledge of what happens when you rev up to 10,000 rpm :D

Cheers, Jim
Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim. :eek: oh, boy. Sounds like something I'd do - the revving part. &nbsp:Don't think I would have thought of the spring. Sounds like you're interesting trip could have ended much worse though. Have a few pints.
Wow-I'll put this on the list of things not to do in a Land Cruiser. Amazing that nothing else let go. Wouldn't it be safer to just let the light stay on and then disconnect the battery to clear the light? I remember from my misspent youth that revving a motor to redline(and beyond) with no load was bad for it. Anyone else remember that or is it an old mechanics tale? Jim, I'd say you are very lucky and maybe you should buy a lottery ticket today! Then you'll have enough for a new motor next time you get an indicator light.

The leather shoe string reminds me of Sulman on the 80's list who "fixed" his cruiser with a block of wood, and cought heck for months because of the fire hazard. The spring was great battlefield engineering.
It was the front sensor. There are other ways of getting rid of the warniong light but none other that you can do whilst on the move. I was pretty relieved when I saw the damage. In my mind's eye I could see the cat in pieces - so I was lucky.

Cheers, Jim

PS I bought the lottery ticket. Not one of my numbers came up :-/

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