Best source of FJ55 hoses?

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Jan 12, 2015
Clarksville, Tennessee
Well, the lower radiator hose started to let go today; kind of figured it would happen sooner than later.

What's the consensus on the best source for FJ55 specific hoses. The idea is to replace everything from the nose to the rear heater in one shot, and service the radiator at the same time.
SOR no longer has complete sets of FJ55 hoses, and I don't understand the FJ40 compatibility nuances... yet

I can't believe I forgot about beno. He hooked me up with my 80 stuff.

Anyway, I should be completely hosed on Wed/Thurs, and if not, I'll call beno.
I'm in line for this too, had my plugged rad re-cored already so hoses are next, also going to adapt a 60 heater valve as the 55 was totally corroded.

Let's see what you get from Napa...

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