Bead Lock Wheels

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Feb 7, 2003
Anyone know where I can find a good set of 16” bead lock steel wheels or even a set of 16.5”? All I find are 15” and even a 17” from High Impact. If not then can a set of 15” wheels fit without modification on an 80? And if modification is needed what exactly needs to be done? Thanks, Scott

I'm not sure 15's will clear the calipers. If they will, you could certainly use them. I would resist using them if they won't fit without monkeying around.
Christo had a set of OEM alloys that had beadlocks added to them. He may be able to elaborate on that mod.

Scott - you can make the 15's fit by grinding the rear calipers. From what I can remember, the fronts are a non issue, but the rear needs to be ground down a smidge. For trail use, I went with internal beadlocks. I'm selling them and the rims cause I'm going to 15's for better tire selection. :D
All I can say is if you plan to use them as a DD rim be prepared to pay a lot of attention to them. Best to run 2 sets.
i saw a pic on the web somewhere of one of the slee guys cruiser with those beadlocked factory alloys,and i wondered what the story on those were as well..........


I still have those. Ran them with 37 SSR's for a while. Not recommended for daily driving or road use. The bolts tend to loosen up and break. Once one go, then the rest follow. Lots of work to keep an eye on them.

These were factory oem wheels converted by Campion.
i know looks dont matter  ::),but those sure do look good!!

makes for a different than stock look,but not too different,as i dont care for most of the aftermarket rims that are available for our trucks

by the way christo,real nice cruiser there!!   :D
after white,blue is my favorite cruiser color

Hole.. Lee.. Cow!, That Champion conversion looks sweet! !:D! :D! :D! :D!!!!
How much, Link, Phone Number?? Christo, I need info.. Please….
I want to thank everyone for there help. The bead lock rims that I want to get will not be used for daily driving not that I drive it that much anyways. My 80 mostly sits in the garage picking up dust while I smile at it every time I walk by it waiting for the next outing. Junk, what rims do you have those internal beadlocks on and how much are you selling them for?
Hey man, just to let you know, it takes alot of grinding to get the wheels to fit on the back. The front wheels clear just barely, but you need to take off about a half inch with the rears. I did it, so it is possible.

Why not go with a set of Hummer rims - recentered? The rims are 16.5" dual beadlocked (as in inner and outer), DOT approved, and the bling factor is just amazing :D

Here are mine -

I paid $200 for a set of 5. You could have them recentered, and it would still cost less than a set of normal beadlocks.

A set of recentered and painted ones -
Caz - maybe cause the only thing hummer about my truck is what your momma does when she rides in it :flipoff2: :D just kidding.

Scott - will pm you.
Where did you get the five wheels for $200? And do you have them mounted on an 80?
I didn't receive your message…. or should I just :-X and be patient.
I got them from a guy down south (NC I think). I had originally bought a set of 4 for $250, but I found these for cheaper and sold 4.

I do not have them on my 80. They will be on my 4runner - with 42" swampers and Dana 60 axles. (if I ever find some time to work on it again!)

You can regularly find them on Pirate, or if you are on the East Coast, there is a Paragon guy with a connection of some sort.

They are pretty slick wheels. They come in 2 halves which bolt together and clamp over the runflat (magnesium or rubber). The clamping action holds both the inner and outer beads to the rim.

There are a few guys who are doing custom centers - some with cool patterns cut into them. They make them any backset and bolt pattern that you want. I believe that it runs from $80 to $100 per wheel - which would bring a total of 4 wheels to around $650 or so.

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