Ball joint stuck in relay rod

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May 31, 2010
I am trying to straighten my steering wheel. I have done this in the past with no issues. But this time the pass ball joint is stuck to the relay rod or whatever it is called. I worked on it only a few min last night. Big vice grips and a few light hits with a hammer. It was late and I didn't want to piss of neighbors. So I put some penetrating oil in there and will see again today. I was thinking pipe wrench, hammer maybe some heat? Any ideas?
I used a 15” big pipe wrench on mine a while back. Worked well but heat it up if it doesn’t budge. You’ll want to get it moving pretty easily or you’ll be there forever trying to straighten it out.
Thanks. Got it. 18" pipe wrench and some heat. Picking up some antiseize right now to lube it up with.
heat is your friend

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