Back from loooog trip - Ranchos,O2,empty tank

Apr 15, 2003
Ireland; USA (WA,CO, CA, CT), Scotland, London
Not long back from 4,500 mile trip to the Pacific NorthWest from Colorado.

Went from Longmont-CO to WY(Cody via Cheyenne/Rawlins), MT (Billings/Missoula), Idaho (all over), Washington (up from SE to Spokane, across to Seattle via north side, up north towards Vancover), Oregon (Portland down to Eugene and E to Bend, back up to Digges then E), then back thru OR and down thru Larimer/WY into CO via Medicene Bow mountains. Only 2hrs of fishing on whole trip - bummer!
Nice trip but a little too warm for a lot of trip (95f+) so a/c running most of time. With new rad (acquired on last trip in Spokane) no problems on temp gauge.

As regards places to live - some lovely spots/valleys in WY/MT/ID but climate-wise (being Irish and genetically need that rain) only two spots seemed suitable: a small town north of Seattle (Sedro-Wooley) and around the Portland area.

My O2 (P420) tripped twice on trip but not consistent regd. number of miles done until next one (lost my note pad so can't tell what mileage). Have replaced the 1st O2 sensor but not done 2nd yet.
Was hoping to report on MPG over trip but again lost notes. Did get 350 miles on full tank - on E but orange fuel warning light hadn't tripped.

Was on Empty tank on some dirt roads near Elk Mtn, Medicene Bow, WY and going up a hill (not too steep) with very corrugated surface and the engine looked as if about to konk out, revs nearly down to zero. Was doing approx 25-35mph and it just picked up and carried on to normal. On climbing next hill it konked out. Wouldn't restart. Popped hood and checking 'bits' when some farmers came by. Is 9:30pm, dark and I'm 10 miles from the foresty and hence camping. Anyways they went off and came back with some petrol and put it in. Started 1st time and I guess thats what it was. Dumbo here had his propane tanks empty otherwise could have just switched over to them! Had the bumping caused the fuel pump to suck empty?
Interesting that the orange fuel warning light had not come on.

Just went on 4x4 trip to Crystal Mtn-CO yesterday with Mich Arron and my stinking rear diffs no working again! Combo of bad electrical connector and sensor. However excursion was good and a little bumpy!
My rear PS Rancho shock has just leaked all its oil out (seems to be on bottom seam) and so it was totally useless. Some interesting swaying! Hadn't done much 4x4 on trip - maybe forest tracks for camping so didn't get any knocks. 3-4 yrs old - how long do they normally last? Both my rear control knobs were toast and just replaced them (interesting that inside all my knobs were some rust). Both rear shocks were a brown color (not white like the fronts) from stone chips and rust. That shock that leaked actually had severe rust and the inside pressure plate that the control knob pushs against was solid. Cleaned it out and put some grease in there. Had to whack it via drift to get it to budge but still wasn't loose for knob to turn it after 2 eeks. Hmmm!

However noticed when putting on my Simex wheels that front wheel lug nuts were 'nearly' loose. Still a little stiff but close. Rears were fine. I had retightened my front bearings b4 I left as a small movement in them. Still firm. Guess I should have rechecked along the way.

Thanks to 80s dudes along the way, help and some overnight B&B's!

Until the next NW trip (maybe in Aug sometime). Slee delivery van ready to roll!

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Trip sounds like fun, well except for the empty propane thanks. ;) Up by Sedro Woolley is my favorite area in the country. Some day I'll move there and scare the sheet out of Pimp when he sees me barrelling up behind him on the highway. :D

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