B engine rebuild

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Feb 14, 2008
Elkland, Missouri
I've had my 1978 BJ40 B motor head sent to the machine shop and they told me that the head was cracked next to a puck, he said he thought it should be fine but i want a second opinion from the mud crowd.
Another thing, does this motor have stretch bolts for the head? or can i just reuse the old torque bolts?
Head cracks come in all kinds... none are good, but some are common and don't seem to be a big deal, others are bad news. You can have it pressure tested to give you some confidence, but even thats not perfect.

I put a cracked head on my 3B after it was pressure tested OK and have been driving it for years.

Reuse the bolts if they're clean and not too rusty; they're not stretch/TTY bolts on a 1978.

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