Aussie locker vs. lockrite noise

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Jul 4, 2013
Aspen, CO
So I installed an aussie locker into my truck last summer and it worked as it should, it clicked around corners but wouldn't engage unless I throttled it too much.. No problems but it was loud.

so I found a set of axles with 4.88's this summer with a lockrite in the rear and ARB in the front. I swapped the front axle but I only took the third from the rear (because I had just fixed up my brakes).

Here's the catch, the new (used) lockrite works fine but it doesn't engage as harshly as the aussie and isn't as rachety (loud) around corners. But it does engage and push both wheels but is smoother around corners.

So... Could the lockrite be worn out or maybe I didn't install the aussie correctly? Maybe the tolerances weren't right so it was jerkier?

I'm slightly worried there is something wrong with the lockrite.

The setup depends on the side gear shims. You can get different thicknesses from Toyota. There's a spec somewhere and you check the clearance with a feeler gauge and adjust with different shims. At least this is what I have read around here somewhere.

The one I have sucks in parking lots and drive-thrus as it is and needs to be adjusted.
They all suck in drive-thrus and parking lots.

However, the traction afforded is awesome. If they are truly out of spec, the locker will let go with a resounding "BANG" and neither tire will move. It's distinctive..

I'd be happy it's quieter. And, hold on to your old aussie. Lock rights don't last for ever.
Sounds good.. Thanks

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