SOLD Auburn, AL 1995 Land Cruiser FZJ80

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
2.4.23 - PRICE DROPPED $13,900 OBO
WTS: 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 with 167,500 Miles. Truck originally purchased as a rolling restoration but a few life changes have cut the project short.
Truck has clean carfax. It was originally from Ohio so there is some minor frame/body rust but nothing structurally concerning or unable to be addressed. Previous owner had frame professionally treated with a rust inhibitor. Has cloth seats, no factory roof rack or running boards. Great truck easily capable of being a daily driver. Center lock only - not 3X. I drive this 2-3 days a week and drive my 100 series the other days so mileage will climb. AC blows cold. Battery was replaced in 2021. 3rd row seats included though not currently installed.
The following is a list of things I've done in the past year using majority Toyota OEM parts.
Front axle rebuild including birfs, brake pads and rotors
Front Wheel Bearings Packed/Adjusted
AC Evac & Recharged
Coolant line overhaul/rear heat delete using OEM coolant hose from Japan
Replaced headgasket - work done by Eagle Imports in Auburn, AL. Head sent off for machining. Japanese parts
Replaced Timing Chain, Tensioner and Guides - Toyota OEM from WitsEnd
Replaced Valvecover gasket
Replaced Power Steering Pump - Toyota OEM
Replaced Radiator and all hoses - Koyo Japanese
Replaced Water Pump - Toyota OEM
Replaced Exhaust Manifold shields - Toyota OEM
Replaced Distributor Assembly - Toyota OEM
Replaced Plugs and Ignition wires
Replaced PCV
Replaced Idler Pulley (Multiple)
Replaced Drive Belts - Toyota OEM
Replaced Engine Coolant with Toyota Red after all new work
Replaced Engine Crankshaft Seal
Replaced Engine Thermostat
Replaced Oil pressure sensor
Replaced sway bar bushings
Replaced tires December 2022 with Yokohama OEM size
Replaced Gas Cap - Toyota OEM

Replaced oxidized wiper arms all around
Replaced Rear Tailgate Land Cruiser emblem
Replaced Rear Hatch handle and mechanism
Truck still has Toyota marked Windshield

Known issues - CEL bulb out (no codes present according to Oreilly auto parts), Radio antenna quit functioning other day, Parking brake needs work, ABS and Airbag lights illuminated.





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Aug 5, 2010
Good deal! I would snatch this up if I were local.

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