ARB winch bull bar on OEM suspension?

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Feb 15, 2010
Is this a bad idea? Do I need to upgrade my suspension (OME, etc.) to offset the additional weight? What about just upgrading the shocks and not the entire suspension? I appreciate any info.
It'll be fine 'til you add a winch. I had to install 1.5" spring spacers on both my 80's to compensate for the extra weight.
Which leads to my next question. Can I install the winch after I install the ARB? I cannot afford to buy them both at the same time! Is the winch install a DIY job?
It was easier to install the M12000 on my '97 w/ the ARB off plus I used an engine hoist to make reinstallation easier. On my wife's LX I was able to install an XD9000 w/o removing the bumper. My wife had to help start the bolts while I held the winch up though.:)
My stock suspension dropped 1/2 inch after installing the ARB off my parts truck.
I felt naked driving without it so on she went. I'm in the same boat with only so much
spare change the winch is on the bottom of the list, new springs next.
Go for it, the ARB is super easy to take off and put on. I think it only took about 15-20
minutes by myself. Good luck!! Steve
I installed the winch a year after the ARB, it's not that hard. You just need a good jack to get it up into place with some jackstands to rest it on while you get it into place

I was able to install the bumper and jack by myself. Putting the winch on before install is probably easier, but would take two people to install it

One of the nice things about the OME setup, as I installed more things I would swap out just the springs (easy to do) and sell the old ones for 60% of what I paid for it
It will be fine. I didn't notice any difference after I installed mine on stock suspension with 126k miles.

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