arb locker what does it do?

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Mar 28, 2009
Gillette, Wyoming
OK ive heard of alot people putting the arb locker on there trucks and i have no clue of what it is. and how much do they cost if i decide to put mine on my truck!!!

Please and thank YOU:bounce:
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basically, it makes both wheel spin at the same time for maximun traction.

they cost say 900-1000$
+bearings 150$
+labor 150$

+air compressor 150$
+labor 50$

i want one more then you
:banana:OH i no what it does now its positrack that you can turn on and off thats way over rated i dont need that my crusier gets me anywhere i need to go better than any jeep so im good, so i dont need to do any thing like that
yes glad to know you know what it is they are very expensive anyways so i dont know if you want one unless you are going to do some major wheeling but yes land cruisers are tough but the springs still very close to the ground not much ground clearance get stuck in heavy mud very easy

W O W !
:lol: It just allows you to go places jeep can't reach and place you don't want to go.
If you have one in both diffs (engaged), it also allows you to roll over quite easily :eek:
They allow you to get stuck in places you would have never been able to get to before.
Anyone here with a locked FJ62? How much would the cost of the product/installation total be worth? Would you recommend it for a wheeling newbie? Are there any problems/issues?
Most people would recommend an Aussie or Lockright in the rear to start. I have a Lockright and you can hardly tell it is there, highly recommended and a LOT cheaper.
Learning driving skills with open diffs is valuable. When you get to the point where you recognize what a locker can do for your ability to go places, then would be, IMHO, the time to put it or them in.

There are people (the 4x4 equivalent of a "RUB" - a "RUOF"?) who put them in first thing and then because the locker enables them to go places that otherwise would be inconceivable they never learn how to actually drive off road. Their equipment offsets their lack of skill and knowledge. Until it doesn't, and then they don't understand what went wrong.
The truck I bought came with working front and rear ARB Air Lockers and an Air Compressor, and to be honest, most of the time, you don't even need to use them, and you can get to most places you would want to get to without them. And even most obstructions can simply be avoided by not tackling them and taking a slight detour. However, the truck I bought cost less than the cost of the added goodies as listed in estimated price by Lost by about $300 or $400, and quite honestly, was a great learning experience for me as I slowly learned how to work on what I could, and sourcing out the big things that I couldn't tackle on my own. Overall, I would say you probably don't need them most of the time, and when you do, a simple reassessment of whether you NEED to get over an obstacle to where you would like to go is a better way to go than saying "lock it and drive it" and also safer in most cases. Just assess your needs first before jumping in.

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