AOAA June 8th

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Feb 26, 2007
Lancaster, PA
It's coming up fast. Who can go?

Since CMCC is in July and we will be at RC for that I think we should hit up AOAA this month.

Planning on attending. Got the bolts I needed (thank you @brian ) and hope to get under the truck to fix it tomorrow. If all goes well and no other issues are found I'm in.
I'm out. No Montreal this year but still a couple of days of father-daughter time.
Haha... I miss wheeling with your beast! I’m traveling again this week and have been away from home too much the last few weeks... I need to invest some time at home. I’m so disappointed we’re going to be out of town again for Coal Miner... I’m hoping to get out again soon!

I miss wheeling with your beast
@DebFJVT are you able to join us for this?
I’ve held off saying this in hopes I could still make it work, but unfortunately I just can’t get away! Way too much to do before my month-long expedition to Moab and FJ Summit in July...I’m really sad about missing this run with you guys, but will make it down there again for sure 👍 Thanks again for the welcome, and hope you have a great time!
Neither of us, unfortunately, this round. Thinking the soonest I'll see you guys is CMCC. Pacer, has your new truck been on the trails yet?

I’d be interested in joining! What time are we meeting up?

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