Any very capable Tech's in Co. to put a V8 in my 60

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Sep 27, 2003
Berthoud Colorado
I am searching for someone lacally (front range) to put a 5.3L Vortech V8 in my 60.....RMC, Slee ??

proven track record, no newb's.
John Schrader of Coyote Cruisers in Fort Collins. 970-221-1833 or
I am sure Joe or Ron or Cristo could do a great job. THe others I know less about...

FWIW, the guys at Classic Cruisers in Salida put Brian Wilson's 60 together w/Vortec power - very nice. I am sure it was not cheap, but it is a very nice job...

Check out the RS site. Uncle Ben put Long Grain together himself. I'm sure you could ask him for advice and possibly do it yourself?
Proffit's would have it today if he could work it in the schedule...he is backed up 11 deep for conversions.


Waggoner5 said:
J. Profitt does fine work also. Profitts Cruisers.

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