Any runs or camping trips this weekend?

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Well there are several local options none of which are more than a couple of hours. Jasper Trail/ Grapevine Canyon (goes between S2 & S22), Palomar Divide which is in and back same way ( 79&371 intersection up to Palomar Observatory), Nate Harrison Grade (Pauma Valley tp Palomar Store) are just 3 I could think of quickly, oh and there's the Otay Mtn trail too
I’m up for going somewhere. Let me know if anyone is up for a day trip. How is the run at Jasper/Grapevine? Hopefully more challenging than Nate Harrison. Nate Harrison is just a graded dirt road, no 4wheel drive required.
Jasper/ Grapevine is no Cleghorn but since the rains this year who knows? Honestly in SD County there is a lack of public places to actually 'wheel' since Corral canyon closed.
Now I hear Saturday works better. I’m up for anywhere.

Anyone interested in doing Cleghorn? More than half is doable stock with 33’s. The second half probably requires a lift and locker....better line choices than I made.
Where are you up for going? It would be great to get a handful of rigs going. Maybe closer will get a better turnout.

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