Any ideas on mounting extra gas containers? (stock)

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Jun 5, 2012
San Jose
I plan to go on a trip sometime soon and would like to carry tanks of extra gas. I don't have a rear bumper yet and don't want to store the gas inside as it'll stink. Any ideas on how I can mount these things? I was thinking on the stock roof mounts somehow.
Storing gas tanks inside, expecially almost empty ones, could result in an "uncontrolled release of energy", or a large, fatal explosion including a huge fire ball!

Don't ever, under any circumstances, do that!!!!!:eek: Besides, it would ruin a perfectly good Land Cruiser! See last line below!
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Roof rack mounted rotopacs or whatever those overpriced things are called.
ratchet strapped to roof? Probably your best option

photo by Shane

get a proper Jerry Can and a good holder for it. These cans won't leak.
^ nice chocolate lab - I got a slightly newer model one.


Can you mount one of those jerry can holders to an OEM roof set-up. I use the Front Runner ones, but think they are only for FR rock racks.

^ why do you have extra fuel cans? Dont you have an aux tanks? Or is that just in case the pump doesnt work!
I was traveling in the Canadian wilderness, plus even if I wasn't I might consider carrying extra due to their high gas prices.
That thing is gonna wobble like crazy with a 75 lb spare + a jerry can dangling off the hitch...
I think a can of Wobble-Be-Gone should cure that!

I believe it works on everything from fixing steering issues to out of balance tires.

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