Any grill/brush guards like these for an fj60/62?

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You are looking for a bullbar. ARB, Slee, 4+ and many others make thm for Cruisers, including 60-series.

A brush guard is an bolt on addition to a bumper that is commonly known as a "damage multiplier" because when they see action and bend into your hood, grille, fenders, etc, they cause more damage to your junk than whatever caused the damage to begin with.

Use the search function, but the holy grail as far as I am concerned is this:

But also check out Kurt's ARB stuff: Cruiser Outfitters
weird i can see the pics.... see if this works
User: "T-bones 60" has what i'm looking for but it's custom/1 off :(
ARB and 4+ somewhat...closest thing I can think of. You could get the 4+ then fab up some tube. :meh:

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