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Jun 15, 2005
St. Louis, MO
Ironic that 40TUDE posted this question earlier today, as I am having a similar issue.

History: I was involved in a front collision which, along with my bumper and fender, "dinged" my FR wheel (see pic below). The insurance replaced the wheel (but no other suspension components), the tires have been rotated/balanced, and the truck has been aligned. However, there is a vibration in the steering wheel, and a tremor to the front of the truck; most notable when traveling 70-80 mph. This was not present prior to the collision.

What is the likely culprit? I would expect the insurance should repair this to my satisfaction. The body shop said to bring it in and they would put it on a lift to see what they find.
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Apr 13, 2004
SF Bay Area, CA
I would jack up the right front corner and spin the wheel by hand to see if there's any runout at the edge of the rim. If you have access to a dial indicator, even better... you should be able to measure the exact amount of runout. If there is runout, (more than 0.005"), I'd unbolt the wheel and measure runout at the hub flange. If you have runout there, that component may be "bent" and needs replacement.

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