Another Crank no start

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Oct 8, 2020
Hey everyone, sorry to be repetitive but here's my issue:

My 2006 with 210k miles ran perfectly fine. I filled her up with gas and drove home and parked it. The next day I used some hot water to clean the engine bay and the truck drove just fine afterwards. Today it wont start at all. I thought the battery was bad so I replaced the battery, still won't start. Here's what I have done

-Security light doesn't blink when I insert any of my two keys (so that's good)
-Replaced the battery
-Checked the fuel pump and it pushed fuel just fine through the filter
-Checked the fuses and they're fine

I read on the forums from multiple members with the early models, but I don't think it's the standard EFI issue. It's the newer model fuse box which I understand doesn't really have this issue as much, the security light doesn't blink. Could it be the hot water that I poured around the radiator area? -The truck did start fine tho afterwards

Appreciate all the help!
You have to pull the fan, shroud, fan pulley bracket, (which means loosening all the ac compressor bolts). To get to the sensor, you need to pull off the harmonic balancer cover. But to just unclip the connector, you don’t need to do that.
I doubt water had much to do with it. Since you started drove afterwards, that should have dried up any water in the engine bay.

I did see a TSB somewhere, about cam sensor failure.

Also I had a crank (engine does turn-over at normal starting RPMs), no start!. Where my GF would be to lite, on shifting into "P". Also too lite on pulling park brake, and get roll back (torque/twisting transmission) until transmission lock stopped. We'd shift to "N" and it start every time. I suspect it was issue with neutral switch an transmission twisting in its 24 year old 350K plus miles engine and transmission mounts. Never would happen to me and mostly happen to her, when parked on hill.
Most crank sensor failures. Seem due to it's wire routed wrong. It then get cut by drive belt.
Crank wire routed wrong.JPEG

Engine wire harness main (1)a.JPG
BTW. I wash radiators and engine bay deeply all the time, and done so in dozens if not 100 hundreds of 100 series. Never any issues. I do watch certain areas. Mostly intake manifold, spark plug tube seal (top coil seal) and don't hit fire wall mat.
Crank no start update:
Changed the battery
Changed the Crankshaft position sensor
Did the EFI relay trick/test
Checked air/fuel/pressure
Checked the fuel pump
No codes or lights of concern
The shop has been diagnosing for the last couple of days but no luck.
Did your vehicle pop a code when that happened? -Mine did pop a code when I pulled the old sensor old but then the code went away when I plugged in the new sensor. That makes me assume that my wiring is okay
That picture was from a 06LC with blown engine. It had many codes. I did not work on in.

If your code did not come back, yes likely wiring okay!

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