American Racing AR 767 for FJ-60

Aug 11, 2003
I am mounting a set of 35's on my 60 tomorrow. The wheels that came with it have great spacing for my rig. I need to buy a spare and need to know the correct back-spacing for my application (Or how to measure my current spacing). 86 FJ-60 SOA buying 1 American Racing AR-767 wheel in a 15x8.
Jun 9, 2003
Mesa, Arizona
I don't know for sure, but I think the stock backspacing is 3.3 inches.

Most people are happy with 3.5 inches, as it will apparently always clear the tire rods.

3.75 inches will work for some wheels, although it may prevent you from putting weights on the inside.

4.0 inches will not work, as far as I know.

You should be aware that there are really two issues. Backspacing determines whether the wheel itself will clear the tie-rod ends. As I said, 3.5 backspacing is sufficient to avoid the tie rod ends.

The second issue is whether the wheel itself will rub the brake caliper. This issue is independent of the backspacing, and really only depends on the shape of the wheel centersection. And it is hard the tell. Wheels that look identicial can be different. The wheels sold by look pretty much identicial to the 4wheel parts wheels, yet the wheel fits, and the other does not.

If you order a new wheel, test fit it to the front axle before you do anything. Make sure that you can torque the lug nuts down and still spin the wheel.

To measure the backspacing, just put a straight edge across the back of the wheel, and then measure the perpendicular distance to the back of the mounting surface.

BTW, do a search here, there are a bunch of recent threads on what works and what does not.


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