Amazing build (not mine unfortunately)

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The owner is on GXOR. Well built truck. @GeorgeN you should pop over if you need inspiration. It is public so you don't have to FB to look.
It would cost substantially more than what we are asking for the rig to purchase it stock and have all of these modifications added.

Looks awesome, but a stock '09 with 150k goes for what, $14k? Are they trying to say there's "substantially more" than $35k worth of parts on that thing? o_O
Arailt, I don’t know if there is more than $35k in parts, probably is less. I’m sure if you had a good shop source and install all these it will not come cheap. I didn’t say or think it’s an amazing deal but for me this is an amazing build and gives me something to hope for. In the mean time I enjoy my trusty Montero
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Just curious what do you guys think it would cost to have a gx built and accessorized like that? I need to start saving :)

Dan, I recently started to check out the GXOR, nice job building awareness for this model.

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